Do you have "packages?"  Yes. We work closely with each couple to customize what they ultimately end up with, be it a DVD or thumb drive of all images of the day, a custom-designed coffee table book, parent books, custom thank you cards, or small thank you books for your wedding party - we offer a range of packages. Consider them points of departure from which we can begin our conversation about what you'd like to have as a final product. And don't be shy! If you don't see precisely what you have in mind, let us know, and we'll make it happen. Go to our contact page and request our 2016 Wedding Options information, which provides a complete overview of our packages and rates, and be sure to let us know know you found us!

Do you have time restrictions?  We never set artificial time constraints on our wedding coverage. Your wedding is too important for your photographer to be watching the clock, and it's simply not how we do things. We're almost always on the job from prep through to most of your reception, and are prepared to put in a full eight hour work day. By the way, we never double book and try to squeeze in more than one wedding a day, nor do we sub-contract weddings. We occasionally have to turn down work as a result of this policy, but it is the only way we can personally control our quality, and by extension, our clients' satisfaction with our work.

How many wedding images might we expect?  One of the nice things about shooting digitally is that we've effectively eliminated most expenses associated with film. As a result, we tend to shoot more, which normally results in a final "take" (after editing), of somewhere between 600 and 700 images. This varies a bit, depending on the size of the wedding.

Do you shoot video?  Still shooting is our mainstay, but we have been giving serious consideration to shooting some video as part of our normal wedding day coverage.  We've also got some neat ideas for a "hybrid" approach involving stills, video, and voice, so if this is of potential interest to you, let us now when you get in touch via our contact page.

How would you characterize your style?  Candid, unobtrusive photography is our specialty. We discretely "work the edges," searching out those memorable moments, but are mindful too that there are always a certain number of "must-have" formals, so these are always in the mix.  Our goal, simply put, is to provide you with an unforgettable photographic document of your day.

Do you offer book and album design services?  Yes. We take great pride in keeping most services related to your wedding in-house, and album and book design is certainly on this list. Let us know what your needs are and we'll work closely with you to have them met. Care to see a few sample book pages? Email and we'll send some along.

Is web posting of our wedding photos an option?  Yes. Included in all packages is a minimum six month web posting of all edited images from your day. Most weddings are posted on the web within two to three weeks. One attractive aspect of our approach to this issue is that you, your family, guests, etc., are all able to order professional quality prints directly from your personal gallery on our Print Services site, which takes you out of the business of fielding print requests. Handy!

What about reprints and enlargements?  Ordering of reprints and enlargements couldn't be easier. Simply navigate to your personal gallery on our Print Services site, specify print size, run through the checkout and your order should arrive at your door in about 2-3 weeks. Really couldn't be easier, and we think you'll find our pro quality reprint and enlargement prices to be very reasonable.

Who owns the files?  You do. We never charge a fee for your digital files. After all, it's your wedding, not ours, and we feel strongly that you should not have to pay an additional fee to secure your images. We do ask all of our clients to allow us to use their images for promotional purposes; website use or print ads, for example.

Will I get a DVD or thumb drive of all the edited images of our wedding?  Certainly. We include a high-resolution archival DVD or a thumb drive, both in custom cases, of all images, after editing - at no additional charge - of your wedding as part of any package. We normally get these out within a month of your wedding; no waiting 6 months or more.

Do you personally shoot every wedding you book?  Absolutely. We never book a wedding we can't personally shoot, never book two shoots on one day, and never sub-contract a wedding. In addition, Herve personally handles all post-production tasks in order to ensure a final product with which everyone will be happy.

Are you availableto shoot a destination wedding?  Sure. Though we're located in the heart of ski country in Vermont for most of the year, we routinely travel into NH, eastern NY western MA, and throughout the northeast.  Let us know where you'll be having your wedding and we'll be there. Travel is never a problem.

Do you work with an assistant?  Almost always. Except for the smallest of weddings - think elopement or a small civil union or wedding with a few close friends - it really helps to have an assistant along to help. Keeps my mind on what we're trying to accomplish, which is to create memorable images of your wedding day, and there's always plenty of time for him to shoot as well, which is great, as it adds an additional point of view during those "one off" moments.  

My cousin/nephew/college roommate has a new ________ (Nikon, Canon, Lumix, Olympus....) and has offered to shoot our wedding. What do you think?  A few thoughts: If your sole objective in considering this approach is to save some $, it's completely understandable. And yes, the latest crop of digital marvels will assist any skilled user in making good pictures. That said, do keep in mind that there's nothing like years of experience in professional image making to ensure that nothing is missed and that you end up with great pictures, so why stress out your cousin/nephew/college roommate when she should be hanging out enjoying your wedding? The latest crop of cameras are great, but don't "make" images, people do. So let's not let finances be the deciding factor in all of this; everyone deserves great wedding images, and if budget is causing you to be hesitant in contacting us, do it anyway. We can almost always work something out.

What kind of cameras do you use?  I'm always surprised when people ask this, but I guess it's on a "things to ask your photographer" list somewhere out there, so I'll answer it here.  In short, we use pro caliber gear on all our shoots, including Canon, Nikon, and Fuji.  Redundancy is the name of the game, and we have backups for our backups.  Your wedding images are really just too important to be derailed by an equipment malfunction, so we're more than prepared for any contingency that might arise.

How do I arrange payment?  We ask for a deposit of $200.00, which is non-refundable, to hold a date. Once we receive it we'll send along a copy of our standard agreement, which you can review, sign, and send back to us. Unless other arrangements are made, balance is due on the day of the wedding.  Reach us through our "Contact Us" page for more info.