Herve and his assistant Ryan were amazing. They were PERFECT, and didn't make us do any stupid poses or anything that made us feel strange. They were laid back, professional, and willing to change course on our wedding day as needed. We barely knew they there during our wedding ceremony and reception, but you couldn't tell by the pictures. Herve really captured every single special moment. (And he got the photos back to us within week... much sooner than any other wedding photographers I've witnessed)  We have looked through our photos again and again and we couldn't be happier.  Bottom line, Herve is an amazing photographer, and at an incredible price.

Liz & Chris, The Killington Resort, VT


"I can't even tell you how excited I was to look through the (engagement session) pictures! I think that all of them are wonderful."

Ben & Samantha, Keene, NH


Thank you for being so present throughout the day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these.  Thank you so much!

Kelly & Brendan,  Honora Winery, VT


Thank you so much!  You take incredible pictures and seem to have been everywhere at once!  Rus and I are so excited to have these pictures safe and sound in a professional case.  I can't wait to go through them more carefully and display them around our house. 

Rus & Kiersten, The Killington Resort, VT


Herve was fantastic and his pictures speak to his quality. For both our engagement session and our wedding, he captured wonderful and unique shots. He was unobtrusive but commanding when we needed to get people arranged for the pictures. He is VERY fair about IP rights to pictures, and he got us our shots within a week of our wedding. He also did not over impose his artistic vision -- while he made suggestions and had wonderful ideas, he did not force us to take pictures we were not comfortable with; he was also very accommodating for the many group shots we requested. He got wonderful candid shots, and we can look back on our photographs and really see a beautiful narrative of our day.  Thanks again for making the memories of our wedding day last forever.

We just had a blast looking through all of these... we love them! So many great moments captured, and we must thank you for that. We've raved about you to Kathy and we'll do so again. We'll also give you a shout out in the review we're writing up for the inn. Just wanted to let you know that we received the DVD a few days ago. We absolutely love the presentation! It's beautiful. And of course, we love the photos. Thank you for documenting our marriage so beautifully. We have recommended you by name in our Trip Advisor and Wedding Wire reviews. Aiming to post it within the next week.   Thanks too for the well wishes.

Christine and Spencer, The Grafton Inn, VT


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you--we have been super busy adjusting back to reality following our amazing wedding and honeymoon!  Ash and I can not thank you enough for capturing our special day so perfectly.  As we look back at the pictures, we feel as though we are truly reliving the memories.  You did such a remarkable job encompassing the entire party; from the sanctity of the ceremony to the rowdiness on the dance floor, every element of the wedding was represented remarkably.  The quality of your pictures are superb, and the detail and focus of your work are exceptional.  We are truly grateful for your dedication and so happy you were our photographer!  We look forward to receiving the disc of pictures.  Thank you so much again for everything!

 Kristin and Ashton, S. Londonderry VT


Herve,  again thank you for your time and generosity in working with us- you have provided us with an outstanding level of quality and professionalism that I am not sure we would have been able to enjoy with out you! The images on the website are great! Jesse and I are so pleased with your work and the lasting memories you have given to us!

Caitlin & Jesse, Putney, VT


Herve and his team were exceptional both before and on our wedding day. They were fun, diligent, and professional throughout. Herve came prepared to work and was very generous with his time and good spirit throughout our special day. The pictures were prolific and caught many special moments, both big and small. I recommend Herve to anyone looking for a forthright, flexible, and high-quality photographer.  The book he created for us is a dream.

Freeman & Jo, The Inn at Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, VT


I came home from school to find your beautifully packaged, gorgeous CD of Sarah's wedding waiting for me.  Thank you so much.  So nicely done.

 Marianne, Bride's Mom, Great Barrington, MA


The pictures are amazing!  it was so nice (after camp was over and I had some time) to sit down and re-live the day.  It just flew by so quickly, so to see all the pictures and the people is wonderful.  You did an AMAZING job!  Thank you to Cody as well!  I had NO idea that he was up on the cliff during the ceremony - that is awesome. 

Kate & Matt,  Castle Hill Resort & Spa, VT


Thanks for sharing your photos.  They are incredible!  Best (cyclocross) photos we have seen, ever.

Diny, West Hill Shop, Putney, VT


Everything looks awesome - thank you so much!

Lisa & Tim, The Grafton Inn, VT


The shot you got of us between the gondola building and the club -  with the cabins and lines of the gondola all lit up from the sun - was AMAZING!!  Definitely one of our favorites (and we certainly had many others).lo oking forward to the DVD and have already recommended you to a co-worker who wants to get married in VT - she doesn't have a date yet, but I was sure to let her know we were very happy with how you moved us through the day and captured many shots without us even knowing!

 Cara & Jon Stratton Mountain Club, Stratton, VT


The pictures are fantastic! Thank you! We are delighted!

Glynis & Jeanfrancois,  Newbury, VT


It's the most beautiful wedding album we've ever seen.

Anna & Edmund, The Grafton Inn,  VT


Thank you for  the pictures.  I've been reviewing them and am really pleased.  You and Justin really captured the essence of the day.

Andrew & Matt, The Windham Hill Inn, VT


Thank you so much! I received the DVD! It's perfect!!

Beth & Justin, The Weathersfield Inn , VT


Thank you doesn't even begin to describe what you did for us! Thank you. You did a superb job in your photography You live up to your reputation! Every shot you took of our guests caught them at their best and I'm sure they are all going to be thrilled with their shots. I can promise you that.  You caught all the best moments, best lighting, timing etc.  You caught Tom and  I "shot wise" fantastic, really you truly did... Tom looked great! Especially since he wasn't as relaxed as he looked.

Thank you Herve for shooting fantastic and memorable pictures of our wedding. You did an awesome job with everyone and every kind of moment. I will always appreciate everything that you did for us.  Tom and I thank you so very much!

 Lita & Tom, The Grafton Inn, VT


Love, love, love the disc. Great presentation! Love the photos! You have been so gracious to us throughout this and we appreciate it so much!!!!.  Thanks so much.

Patricia & Earla,  The Grafton Inn, VT


Thanks so much!  We got the DVD on Friday.  It's perfect.  I'll email you with a list of pictures so we can have a book made.

Catherine & Chris, The Scott Farm, VT


Thanks so much for uploading our pictures!  We started looking at them last night and the ones we checked out were wonderful.  The ones at the covered bridge are my favorites so far.  The color is amazing, even though it was pretty rainy that day.  I'm looking forward to spending more time tonight enjoying each shot.  We really appreciated all of the efforts you put into photographing our wedding, especially since we are such a small party.  Each picture brings back great memories for us!

Joy & Hal,  Chapel of the Snows, Stratton, VT


Our engagement photos  came out so great, thank you!!! I was excited to see the photos with the cows, but I really couldn't have imagined them to be any funnier!  My in-laws-to-be were in VT this weekend (as were Chris and I) so we all saw the photos and burst out laughing as soon as we saw the cow pics.  It kind of looked like the cow was photo-bombing our picture; it couldn't have been more perfect!   Thank you again, you did a wonderful job with them.  The only problem now is picking our favorites!  Let me know when we should be in contact again about the wedding, as I'm not 100% sure how everything works. Talk to you soon!

 Rachel & Chris, Marlboro, MA


These pictures are wonderful, you really captured the spirit of this event and the heart of Billy and Lauren. Especially love the one of my daughter Adrian and our new grand baby Hazel.

Joanne, Aunt of the Groom, Adams Farm, Wilmington, VT


WOW!!!!! We love them Herve!  I sent them to my sister and B-I-L and they said you were VERY TALENTED! We are so happy! 

Robin & Gary, The Grafton Inn, VT